Wednesday, August 17, 2011

India Hook Elementary School Pirates

Well, as most of you know, my girls started back to school this week. They were so excited!!! Savannah started 2nd grade and is cheerleading for her school and my sweet Rylee started Kindergarten!!! She was SO excited to finally have homework!!! Well a few weeks ago as I was looking through all the cookie blogs I now follow I ran across this blog: Since the school mascot is a pirate I just knew I had to make some for the first day back to school. I emailed the principal and asked her how many, total she had on staff. She wrote back, 65!!!! So after being inspired by Sugarbelle's blog I set out to make 70 pirate cookies. This was the first time I meshed 2 cookie cutters together to make my own cookie design and the first time I had ever done faces. To my surprise I think they turned out pretty darn cute!!!

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